And baby makes three

And baby makes three

I grew up believing that the way life’s major events should happen for all of us, especially girls, is for one to go to school, graduate then maybe take a gap year exploring the world, followed by great relief from our parents as we enter the workforce. This was definitely no different for me, my mom having raised us on her own since my parent’s divorce, was beyond proud at the picture-perfect look of her daughter’s independence. Can’t lie, I was damn proud too, I’d worked very hard after all.

Let’s open on 2013 when bae and I got back from our mini holiday over the December break. It was Christmas time and we were meant to both go join our respective families for each of our big end-of-year family get-togethers… but we just could not pull ourselves away from each other. We had been dating for 2 years and somehow this particular December, we decided we would pull a sort of passive-resistant rebellion on our parents by spending Christmas together.

My family called non-stop and so did his. We felt bad ok, but it felt crazy-good to be with the man who had (and still has) my heart.

Let me just say this, Christmas in Joburg is dead. I think we both at that point missed our family lunches because every single restaurant within close proximity to us was FULLY BOOKED. The closest available restaurant was in Krugersdorp. We didn’t do that. We instead, opted for Christmas dinner at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton with a mutual friend whose family is in Kenya and she too wanted to enjoy a decent Christmas dinner.

I went home soon after that and was a complete bag of nerves at the thought of seeing my family after this little stunt I’d just pulled. After a hearty chat with my mother, I was fine.

This entire time my body felt so weird… I felt sick, but I couldn’t pin-point what the problem was. The thought of pregnancy came to mind but I brushed it off because we were careful; we both weren’t ready to be parents. When Aunty Rose decided not to visit me that month, I found myself wailing on the phone call to bae. He kept a cool head and said not to do the test on my own. I had to wait for the New Year when we were back in each other’s arms again. Insert nervous grin.

New year fast landed and all I wanted was confirmation. We took the test and it came out positive. We were about to be parents?!?! Eeeek. It was such a wonderful weird combination of feelings. I was meant to be married first. I was still meant to study further. I wanted to travel first.

At our first doctor’s appointment, the baby’s heartbeat filled that consultation room like nothing I’d heard before. I was at a loss for words … how was it that at less than 12 weeks, my baby’s heart could be so strong. It was at that point that love and excitement engulfed me whole. I was about to be a mommy and went off to download all the pregnancy apps I could find.

Fast forward a few years, here we are, with our three year old toddler.


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  1. Buhle
    24/11/2017 / 09:21

    Friend what’s in glass? Motheo looks rather interested in the glass than you guys. hahahahaha – this is my fave piece, the look, the fits. Goals you guys are goals.

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