Get your sleep on

Let me start off by professing my love for sleep. It feels so good to relinquish all control of your body and thoughts by surrendering to a comforting, deep slumber. Lately though, my nighttime sleep routine is starting to resemble a nap instead of a full night’s rest.

I know most of us already know the importance of sleep and I’m almost certain we all know by now how we need to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. In reality though, this is easier said than done – at least for me.

The struggle to wake up every morning is a bittersweet reminder of why I should’ve slept earlier the night before, and every day I promise to do better. But, after putting my son to bed, it seems as though there’s always one more episode of my latest favourite series to catch up on, time flies as you go deeper and deeper in the wondrous world of Pinterest and don’t even get me started on how Instagram just sucks you in. Sigh. These are the woes that keep my interest in sleep at bay.

But once you know better you do better right, so I then thought what better way to get into my bed earlier than to look up some sleep benefits  with the hope that these would encourage me to re-think my current sleeping habits.


  • Helps with weight loss: When you’re up you’re likely to snack more. Sleep earlier so you get enough rest and have enough energy to exercise in the morning.
  • Improves concentration and productivity: Studies show how a full night’s sleep can improve your memory function.
  • Immune Function: Boosts immune system – if you’re often getting colds, it could be because your body doesn’t get enough recovery time.
  • Overall Health: It lowers inflammation important for recovery time after an injury
  • Mood Booster: I get very cranky and annoyed when I’m sleep deprived. Not a good look.
  • Save your heart: Less sleep means an increase in arterial raging which might affect your heart health.
  • Get your freak on: Get to bed early and get busy – instant happiness.
  • Helps clear skin – the longer you’re up, the more you think and stress and worry about X,Y and Z which affect your skin. Stress causes our bodies to make hormones like cortisol which results in more oil causing breakouts.



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