Fired up for Fitness

Fired up for Fitness

I’ve always tried to keep my body nice and tight and not very proud to admit that in the past, I relied mostly on fad diets to achieve my weight goals. I’ve never been a big girl but I think as we get older, in our own unique way, we all try to conform to an idea what what we believe to be “body goals”. Throughout my twenties, I never relied on exercise and a healthy diet to keep my body healthy, and for the most part I could get away with it. For me, exercise came in bursts, literally only when I felt like it. Trust me when I tell you, it catches up with you.

It caught up with me during and after my pregnancy. I didn’t recognise myself and I still go through my pregnancy pics (which I’ll never share!) and wonder who that girl is – she certainly doesn’t resemble the person I am today. But I’ve had to be a little kinder to myself and learn how to take care of my body moving forward; when you know better you do better right? Right.

So I turned 30 this year and vowed to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. My 30s will be a decade of being active and staying active not because I hate my body nor is it because I’m trying to achieve a far-removed image of perfection. This is me loving my body as it is right now and taking good care of it.

And this journey’s rewarded me with something I didn’t expect to receive so soon – a pure deep love and appreciation for my body. It’s actually changed more than I thought it would and that’s just with a balanced diet and daily exercise. I now look at my naked body in the mirror and happiness engulfs me whole – I’ve never felt better.

How weird and wonderful is it that when you stop body-shaming yourself and developing a good relationship with food and a bit physical activity, our bodies reward us (so quickly) for taking care of ourselves.

What habits have you changed or started recently?


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