Summer Essential: Denim Shorts [Part 1]

Summer Essential: Denim Shorts [Part 1]

In my world, summer trumps all the other seasons on every single level. Whether it’s long, lazy lunches in the sun, a picnic at the beach or a party out in the evening, summer brings with it countless reasons to get out and just celebrate life. Celebrate life like only one can only under beautiful blue skies and warm sunny days.

It’s all about baring your pins to keep cool as the temperature continues to rise into every South African’s favourite month, December. Also, I get to wear my personal summer staple –  a pair of denim shorts!

And before you murmur to yourself about how there are so many other summer staples, I’m in absolute agreement. However, denim shorts are an easy-breezy option that lends itself to colour, prints, heels, flats, sneakers and sandals. No wonder it keeps winning.

I opted for a washed-out pair from Top Shop, coupled with a blue and white striped shirt from H&M. Perfect for a lunch date or drinks at sundown, a pair of nude heels from Aldo are a great match for adding that seamless finish.

What will you be rocking as a summer staple this December?



  1. Rea Shoki
    01/12/2017 / 20:54

    Found my outfit for tomorrow 💃🏽

    • katandco
      05/12/2017 / 14:38

      YAY! Aweseome babe.

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