How becoming a mom changed me – for the better

How becoming a mom changed me – for the better

Being a mom comes with a lot of emotions but none greater than love, it’s the deepest love feeling you’ll ever experience – for me anyway. Honestly there’s nothing like it, it’s the best thing I have ever become and to think it’s for life, makes it even better!

I can’t pretend it hasn’t changed me though, because literally my husband and I got our life as we knew it, flipped on its head when we found out I was pregnant. We rolled with parenthood and to this day, I can’t imagine life without my husband by my side raising our little pumpkin, Motheo. I think the change happens gradually as this new life shifts you from priority position (in your own life) to a point where this little bundle is the main focus. This actually happens as soon as you know you’re pregnant. Crazy.


As a new mom your patience will be tested by your new born , and right after that we have toddlerhood to handle. All I can say is silent prayers and mommy and daddy date-nights help.

Letting Go

Practising the art of letting go of all my rules and hang-ups. I’ve learned to let go of my need to have a spotless house and wanting everything in its place at all times, it hasn’t been easy and I honestly can’t say I’ll ever give this up completely, but I’m open to a bit of a mess on occasion.

Uber Nurturer

My life went from being all about me and my husband (then boyfriend) to being all about our son and family life. We’ve both grown up so much through this married life and parenthood journey that our former selves are now just a blur. But we’ve transformed into these wonderful young parents who take care of one another and our home.

Me Time

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking time out for yourself. I say this because I used to be a ball of guilt whenever we went out and stayed out late  – basically past our son’s bedtime. I’ve since learned that it is ok, it’s fine, he will survive an evening without me and, frankly, I need the time out for my sanity and youth.

All we need is love

There’s no truer truth. When I feel like things aren’t going the way they should and sulking is all I want to commit to, all I need is a kind word from my husband or my mom. Likewise with our kids, I’ve realised that as amazing as technology is, it’s a big ole thief. I’ve had to learn to tear myself away from my laptop and phone and just focus on him and only him. Most of the time Motheo just wants lots and lots of playtime, which in essence is really just love and attention.

There are definitely some more lessons we can chat about  – what lessons have you learned as a new parent?



  1. Buhle
    24/11/2017 / 09:13

    This is heart warming mate – I love it and motherhood looks good on you. Love the blog -well done

  2. TebogoM
    24/11/2017 / 13:06

    Love this❤️❤️❤️

  3. Dineo Makhoba
    25/11/2017 / 04:47

    So so beautiful

    • katandco
      05/12/2017 / 14:40

      Thanks my hun!

  4. thabi
    25/11/2017 / 20:11

    Loving it 😘

    • katandco
      05/12/2017 / 14:40

      Thank you! Appreciate you stopping by.

  5. Rea Shoki
    01/12/2017 / 20:49

    I couldn’t be more inspired. I truly look up to you hey. ❤️

    • katandco
      05/12/2017 / 14:39

      You rock – thank you SO much babe.

  6. Zingisa
    05/12/2017 / 21:04

    This is so beautiful Kat 😍

    • katandco
      17/12/2017 / 22:19

      Thank you babe.

  7. Khumalo Ntokozo Phakeme
    17/12/2017 / 04:12

    “All I can say is silent prayers and mommy and daddy date-nights help.”….,. Thank you for the pearls of wisdom. Will put this into practice when my parenthood journey begins in less than 5 days from today.

    • katandco
      17/12/2017 / 15:11

      Whaat?! You’re about to be a dad?! CONGRATS! You must me so excited – you and your wife are definitely going to love it!

  8. Tsholo
    09/01/2018 / 06:52

    I absolutely love this piece. Caught myself getting teary eyed because I relate so much to it. Especially the part of me-time. I still feel a bit guilty when I go out till late but I quickly remind myself that I need it and it’s for the greater good. Well-done on your blog Kat. 🙂

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