12 New Chapters – 2018

12 New Chapters – 2018

Let me start off by wishing you all a massive Happy New Year! Hope this year’s been good to you so far…

I’ve heard a lot of people say that you don’t need a new year to start working on your dreams and honestly, I’m in 100% agreement. However, we can’t deny the newness that a new year offers us and our dreams.

After the crazy ride that is the festive season, it’s so worth quietening down and reflecting on the year that was, and then start thinking about what you’d like to improve on in the new year. I think that’s how we grow, by identifying the areas of our lives that need change, and making a concerted effort to improve on that.

I’m personally not big on new year’s resolutions, I just work on a plan for the year based what I’d like to achieve then segment that into every month of the year. Come Nov 2018, this is how I’ll hold myself accountable for my life and my family’s – a simple – did we achieve what we set out to do for the year.

Overall though, I’ll be focusing on getting closer to God, securing a bigger bag, working on my health (physical fitness, mental agility and emotional strength and stability) going back to school and just practising gratitude every single day despite what life throws my way.

Good luck with all your goals and remember to put them all down on paper or create a vision board. It’ll be the best reference point throughout the year, as you keep track of all the goals you set out for yourself. 

Let’s make 2018 one for the books!


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