My Post Holiday Detox

My Post Holiday Detox

I’m one of those people who can’t resist the festivities of the holidays and by festivities, I mean food, food, glorious food. I always start off with the best intentions – by limiting my indulgence – but before you know it, literally all the wheels have come off and and I’m just out here wondering how it all escalated so quickly.

I must say though, I’m generally not a big foodie, I enjoy food in small quantities and try not to go completely overboard. If today went bad, trust that I’ll ensure tomorrow isn’t as bad – that’s how I keep a lid on my life in food.

So generally after the holidays, I like to kick off the new year by easing myself into cutting back with my all time favourite detox drink of hot water, two slices of lemon and a few sprigs of mint. I literally start and end my days with it, and drink it throughout the day as well.

It helps with weight loss, stimulating the digestive system and detoxing the liver. I’ve also seen a difference in my skin when I when I cut sugar out of my diet during the detox.

Side Note: I then move onto a 3 day detox programme where I only drink cold-pressed juices for 3 days straight. It takes some getting used to but I honestly feel lighter and more energised at the end of it.

But the lemon water detox  is one of the simplest detox mixes you’ll find and it’s easy on the palate so it’s definitely worth a try if you haven’t tried detoxing before.


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