I love Love

I love Love

Asking me whether I celebrate Valentines Day or not,  is literally asking if I celebrate love. There’s no question about it.

However, before you categorise me in one of those Valentine’s Day crazy people boxes, I’m not that deep about it. I like the idea of a day dedicated to just celebrating love but really, love should be celebrated every single day. Whether it’s making your husband or boyfriend a cup of coffee, rubbing their feet after a long day, or just smothering their face with kisses out of the blue, those are little gestures to show your love everyday.

Valentine’s Day has also evolved so much that it needn’t be restricted to couples only, it’s an opportunity to celebrate your love for friends, parents, siblings – that’s if you’re currently without a significant other.

My husband and I don’t make a huge fuss about Valentine’s Day at all. We make a special note of it through love letters, more than usual kisses throughout the day, sharing a glass of wine together or cuddling up to watch our latest favourite series. Looking back, there has been no set idea on how we spend it – some years my husband surprised me with gifts and dinner, a champagne breakfast and some of them we’ve just had our butts glued cosily to the couch.

Obviously, couples are different – some are a bit more lavish, some are a lot more simple but I think as long as we spend it feeling and giving love, then that’s this special day well spent.

So how ever you choose to spend it, hope you’re loved!


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