Inside My Bag

Inside My Bag

Us girls carry all sorts of things in our handbags and it’s always such a treat (for us curious types) to see what other women carry in theirs. It’s nice and nosy, I love it! So in classic lifestyle blogger style, I thought I’d give you a peek into what I keep in my petite, little handbag.

The contents:

My beloved iPhone: I think, as with most people nowadays, I absolutely cannot live without my phone so for my health and sanity, I dare not leave my house without it. I’m on the iPhone 7 now and I’ve been with Apple since the iPhone 3 and haven’t even considered another option. Between my phone and macbook, my whole life is planned and organised to the tee because there’s an app for every issue I encounter – so I’m team iPhone for life. The user experience is also much better than I’ve experienced with its closest competitors lol. *side-eyes Samsung users*

My Lip Balm: I use the EOS Strawberry flavoured lip balm which I purchase at Dischem. It’s such a good product – definitely recommend it.

My son’s toys: He leaves his stuff everywhere and inevitably, more often than not, it all ends up in my handbag

Hand Cream: I normally use Nivea hand cream, but since a friend gifted me a cute pamper pack from The Body Shop, that’s all Ive been using. It’s so yummy and lucky for me, she bought one that includes a shower gel, body butter and body scrub which I’ve enjoyed so much!

Sunglasses: I carry a practical pair shades which go with most outfits and across most occasions and errands, so versatility is key.

Lipstick Pouch: I travel with a few lipsticks in my bag at a time because I might leave the house wearing a nude shade but during the course of the day, my mood might’ve changed.

Mac Studio Fix Powder: This is the powder I rely on to keep my face mattified to the max throughout the day. I don’t even have to use a lot of it so, needless to say, it lasts quite a while.

Business cards: I carry my business cards in a cute business card holder from ALDO. Most corporate business card holders are so boring and bland so finding this was a great find for me.

Purse: I carry my purse most times but with this little black handbag, I’m restricted by its size. So what I do is just pick out my bank card, my drivers license and some other cards based on where I’m going.

Odds and Ends: Then I’ll also keep a pair of earphones, a flash drive, my ID Book (need to apply for the card) and a snack. Generally I try keep healthy snacks like nuts, yoghurt bars, some mentos or a guilty pleasure like chocolate.

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