Currently Coveting: Cold-Shoulder Shirt Dress

Currently Coveting: Cold-Shoulder Shirt Dress

About a week into the new year I went a bit cray-cray with my online shopping via the wonderful people at Superbalist and one of my purchases was this amazing find – this super-cute cold-shoulder shirt dress by Missguided. I thought I loved it when I saw it online but my gosh, I fell deeper in love when it arrived. It just speaks to me and I hear it loud and clear.

By the way, how hectic is it that it’s almost Autumn?! I think I’ve said this before but my favourite season is summer for a number of simple reasons, the number one being that I absolutely hate feeling cold. I literally can’t take the fact that we’re headed towards the end of our gorgeous summer, no more cocktails under the sun, no more warm summer nights chilling, no more skimpy little cute outfits – ugh I can’t take it. I mean our warm Joburg days mean we can still prance around in our short shorts and summer dresses. I’ve also realised that most of my summer has been spent in shorts, mini skirts and short little dresses even on overcast, rainy days so my inner summer baby was in all her happy feels.

Anyway, let me calm down a bit because we’re not there – just yet. I’ll be milking what’s left of our summer for all it’s worth, and photographing every second of it! Let’s enjoy it while it lasts guys!


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