Feels like the end of Summer

Feels like the end of Summer

I must just state from the outset that I’m not a winter lover at all. Apart from the fashion, there’s not a single thing I enjoy about winter so this blog entry is written from a place of pure sadness as we head into winter. 

I’m being a bit dramatic I know but how can one relax and have a cocktail in the cold? Hmmn? You can’t.

Be that as it may, we can’t always have it our way especially when it comes to nature-related things so I’ll put my big girl pants on and just deal.

The end of summer for me means catching up on all the things I enjoy about summer before they’re snatched out my hands by winter’s harsh cold. And I do understand South Africa’s winter season isn’t as bad as other countries have it, but it’s cold for me and that’s enough.

So my hubby took Motheo and I on an ice-cream date to Pau’ls Homeade Ice Cream a few weekends ago and I loved it. There are a few of them around Joburg but we went to the Parkhurst shop. It’s a must try and this is not an ad.

I’m not ready for beanie season y’all.


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