10 Things I love about being a Mom

10 Things I love about being a Mom

Being a parent is one of those things one won’t fully understand and appreciate until you become one yourself. It’s truly one of the most difficult and challenging roles in the world but without a doubt the most rewarding.

Right now, our little toddler Motheo’s in his tantrum stage thinking he can get away with anything because of his passionate tantrums and on the flip side he’s the sweetest little boy who happily gives me kissies all day long telling me how much he loves me. You see, the highs are high and the lows are low, but it comes with the territory.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom but I didn’t know the kind of mom I’d be. I’ve become such a homemaker, my life literally revolves around my family and it brings the type of contentment I can’t describe. Being a wife and mom is a life long commitment and one I take great pride in.

So in celebrating Mother’s Day I thought to put together a list of the top 10 things I adore about being a mommy.

  1. JOY: I fell in love with my Motheo from pregnancy and the joy that he’s brought to my life is unimaginable. I honestly didn’t think it was possible to love somebody this much, but I find joy in every single little thing like watching him sleep, his infectious laugh, his funny mispronunciations or watching him play with his dad. All of it!
  2. CUDDLES: The squishiest cuddles and softest kisses just make my day on any day. A huggy and kissy from my son are the best – I take any and all opportunities for more cuddles.
  3. LOVE: The unconditional love that I give to him and that he gives back is what’s so special. The special bond that exists between parent and child is unshakeable and I revel in it wholly. I melt when he says, “I just really love you mama!”
  4. PROTECTOR: Being there and providing for my son’s every need just shows how dependant he is on me as his mom. I love the instinctive quality of nurturing and protecting our children.
  5. INSPIRATION: That God trusted my husband and I with this wonderful boy is what drives us to do better and be better people.
  6. QUALITY TIME: I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, kids don’t need much, just undivided attention from their parents. So I love our play dates, our conversations, our baking sessions, bath time, all of those special moments help me discover who my son is and what makes him happy.
  7. CHILDHOOD: Knowing I’m influencing and helping mould this little boy into a loving, brave young man is everything. But more importantly, watching him be a kid and get dirty and experience everything for the first time and his excitement in discovering new things.
  8. FAMILY HABITS: Snuggling up to read a book asa family before bed, our daily commutes driving him to school, exercising together, getting roped into playing soccer with Motheo and daddy, our daily prayer before bedtime, etc. just makes for such a full love-filled life.
  9. MINI-ME: I know he’s boy but I enjoy that he’s a  younger, smaller, cuter version of me. When I look at him and think to myself (in appreciation) that my body created him, is something I’ll never get over. Also having him as my bestie is so much fun.
  10. MADE FROM LOVE: That the love my husband and I have for each other created such a wonderful, kind cutie-pie is humbling. It’s such a heart warming feeling knowing that Motheo’s a product of the love we have for each other forever.


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