Winter Wardrobe Basics for Every Woman

Winter Wardrobe Basics for Every Woman

While I absolutely love summer, Joburg’s extreme drop in temperature this week let me know exactly what time it is! It is finally time for us summer loving babes to get with the programme and bid our favourite season goodbye. Gotta get myself acquainted with those nippy autumn/winter vibes pronto so I thought to round up a few of my winter wardrobe staples.

  1. The Classic Trench: Invest in a good trench coat, first basic colours I recommend are black, gun-metal grey, white and camel.
  2. Boots: Find a pair of boots that are comfortable, that will serve as your staple, “go-to” pair. We all need a functional pair like this but I’d also recommend a few options in different styles (over-the-knee, UGG, anklets or a regular tall boot) and different heel options.
  3. A well-tailored Blazer: I can’t place enough emphasis on the fact that it needs to fit YOU well.
  4. Leather Jacket: Wear and take care of your leather. Leather’s great because it gives an edgy twist to a drab winter look and just by layering with a cardigan or sweater will make up for any insulation the leather jacket lacks.
  5. Puffer Vest: Layer with a puffer vest because they add something “out-doorsy” to even the most unadventurous girls and guys out there (:P)
  6. Scarves: A scarf that can stand the harsh winter breeze. Also, be creative in tying your scarves so you don’t look like ‘Preditable Pat’ on a daily basis. I’d also encourage adding a faux fur stole to your wardrobe for a fab ‘rich bitch’ vibe.
  7. Gloves: I don’t really care much for gloves, they make me feel claustrophobic, but they do add a touch of glamour (especially if they’re leather) to almost any outfit, so they’re a good basic winter item to own. Stay away from those awful ‘missing finger tip’ ones, unless you want to look homeless.
  8. Statement Fedora: This might be not be high on the priority list but will instantly add a more put together look to any outfit.
  9. Beanies: A proper knit-hat is a must, but keep it clean – no logos.
  10. Under-Garments: Thermals will keep you toasty without adding any bulk. It’s winter and we all have to keep warm.
  11. A classic black Polo Neck: It’ll save you on countless occasions.
  12. Socks: Forgettable but just as important, you need to have countless pairs because as we all know, they go missing as and when they please.
  13. Lounge-wear: If you’re anything like me, then you’ll be spending a lot of time indoors so investing some comfortable, cosy pieces will stand you in good stead. I live in my onesies.


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