My top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Meditating Today

My top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Meditating Today

I think we’ve all been exposed to meditation in one way or another. We know about it, we’ve heard about its healing qualities and maybe we’ve even thought about trying it out to see what all the fuss is about. I’m exactly the same – except, I’ve decided to finally get into once and for all.

So simply put, meditation is a means of transforming the mind. As an ancient Buddhist practice, it helps develop concentration, clarity and focus. It allows you to focus and detach your mind from worldly distractions. This is obviously easier said than done but it’s like trying anything out, you have set aside the time and really commit to it. I find that it’s best to do it first thing when you’ve just woken up because your mind is most receptive, or just before you go to bed and feel like calming your mind.

The reason I’ve decided to take the plunge and commit myself to a life of meditation is because I want peace to reign in my life. I’d like to rid my myself of the burdens the world so readily drops on our laps because we let it. I want to dig deep within myself and focus on the things I want in my life, to eliminate distractions and connect with my life’s purpose. Is that too much to ask??? LOL.

This whole decision was led on by Gabrielle Bernstein and Marianne Williamson, my spiritual mentors. I can’t begin to describe my love and appreciation for these women’s ability to so freely share what God has placed within their souls. I swear I’m already tearing up typing this up.

I first came across Gabrielle Bernstein one evening, stuck in traffic driving home with my husband. No, not in person – she was on the radio and we both stopped our conversation and listened to the rest of the story. Her resonated with me and the way she overcame her past to be where she is now was so inspiring.

My “run-in” with Marianne Williamson was slightly different. I came across this quote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us…”  which has been incorrectly attributed to our beloved Tata Nelson Mandela. After reading this over and over again, I looked her up because I had to see who’d uttered these powerful words and my gosh, my world changed. Marianne Williamson changed my life and is still changing my life.

If you don’t read any further than this, please go google both of them if you want peace, joy and love as your life’s pillars.

For those who are reading on, these are the five reasons to start meditating today:

Quality time with yourself: In a world full of all sorts of entertainment, we hardly spend any time by ourselves to listen to what we really want for ourselves without outside influence. Meditation has allowed to look deep within and search for what I really want in life and not what I might’ve convinced myself I want because of society and its expectations of me.

Connect with God: I pray every morning, every night before I go to sleep and before every meditation. The prayer I have before I meditate is what I meditate on – I literally pray for any and everything. I’ve learned to surrender everything to God, every minute detail of my life is in the palm of God’s hand which means I don’t hold on to the things I want to achieve and stress about them. I work on my goals, but instead of worrying about who, what and when, I pray about it, I place them in the capable hands of God. TBH Prayer is my shield – I couldn’t live without God.

Meditation helps you manage anxiety and stress: So here’s the deal – because I pray and God tells me that I should fear nothing, because he didn’t give me a spirit of fear, but of love, of power and a sound mind (2Tim1:7) and when I pray and then meditate on that, my anxiety about anything just melts away. It really does.

Emotional Stability & Positive Thinking: This point might sound wishy-washy but I felt an immediate change towards my outlook of the world. It changed how I viewed people I interact with daily, how I feel about friends who are no longer friends, about people I thought I disliked and situations that caused me harm. I learned to do a simple thing: Let Go. In fact, I went further than that, I started praying for the people who’ve hurt me. This is one of Marianne’s teachings on forgiveness, to pray for people who’ve hurt you – pray for their well being, their happiness, for them to be blessed. If you think that’s hard to do, try holding on to toxicity, it just weighs you down. So as hard as it may be, slowly learn to let go and forgive.

Laser Sharp Focus: I can’t begin to describe how all the points above have led to my being so focused on my life, I have no time to compare lives and hate on anyone. I also do not have time for those who do not support me and my goals – I’m keeping winners in my life, those who want to win at life and those who want me to win at life – nothing less. So my laser sharp focus has resulted in my goals and dreams being realised right before my eyes, it feels like the things I’ve been meaning to do and couldn’t because I felt stuck have suddenly just started happening by themselves. Like people calling or mailing me on things I’ve been thinking about doing, and at first I thought it was serendipitous, but the more it happened, the more I realised that it’s all God. So naturally, I kneeled down to thank Him and meditated on His goodness.

This might be all too much for some but it works for me and if I can inspire only one person to pursue their destiny by means of meditation, then I’m good.


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